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Cecilia the Spaniel

A Southern Belle by birth, I have been living the cosmopolitan canine life in Dallas, Texas since 2018. I’m a classic Libra – loyal and loving – and most days you’ll find me heel-side by Mom strutting the streets of downtown. I love hugging friends, family, neighbors, farmer’s market vendors, baristas and the UPS delivery man, and I truly believe with all my heart that behind every shop’s check out counter there is a biscuit for me.

English Cocker Spaniel by the name of Cecilia.

When I’m not waiting patiently for food to fall on the floor, my favorite hobbies include sleeping and snuggling with my parents. Whenever I’m excited (which is often) you can witness my trademark move: the “spin of approval.” My giving motto is wrap your gift up with love. With an affectionate heart and a treat-centered mind, I wish you all happy gifting!


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